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Performance Tools

Off-Site Options:

When deciding how to execute performance training off site, the training tools or equipment access is paramount.  We have provided options for both at home or or a commercial gym.  Review the options and ensure you have the necessary tools to execute training for both strength and speed.

At Home

With the innovations in equipment you can easily set up a gym at home for both strength and speed training.  The key is to select the equipment based on the training needs..  We categorize training equipment as dual purpose (strength and speed) or single purpose (strength or speed).

Dual Purpose 1

The Ancore system, in our opinion, provides the best all around purpose training device for home use.  

Dual Purpose 2

If you are working within a restricted budget, using bands instead of the Ancore is a cost effective alternative.  This package can also be added to any existing hope set up such as dumbbells, cable pulley, squat rack, rig, etc.  This is the preferred speed training method to those set ups.

Commercial Gym

Strength Equipment

Most commercial gyms have the necessary tools for strength training, look for a facility containing these:

Cable Pulley Machine: Single Cable ColumnFunctional TrainerDual Cable Cross, etc.

Dumbbells and Bench: 5-90lbs+, Flat or adjustable bench


Speed Equipment

Speed training is slightly more complicated, look for a facility containing:

Keiser: Performance TrainerFunctional Trainer

Landmine: Floor BasedRig Based

Plyowall: Med Ball Plyo Wall

Strength Bands: Rogue Strength Bands

Whats that Strap: 3D Strap with HandleSpeed Bands

If your facility doe not provide an option, then purchase the items below and use then at your facility.

Speed Package

Golf Specific Speed Tools:

Jet Stick

Required for Golf
$ 105
  • Speed Building
  • Speed Effeciency

Shallow Stick

Optional for Golf
$ 119
  • Speed Patterning
  • Speed Effeciency

Baseball Specific Speed Tools:

Sequence Stick

Optional for Hitting
$ 189
patterning tool
  • Speed Patterning
  • Speed Effeciency

Swing Rail

Optional for Hitting
$ 29
patterning tool
  • Speed Patterning
  • Speed Efficiency


Optional for Throwing
$ 166
throwing kit
  • Speed Patterning
  • Speed Efficiency


Optional for Running
$ 106
with padded belt
  • Overspeed Training
  • Resisted Training

At Home Strength Phase 2: Dumbbells (Our Pick)

When more load or exercise variation is needed, dumbbells and a bench provide the most options for both upper and lower body.

Adjustable Dumbbell

$ 772
80lb set
  • 5 - 80lbs


For Dumbbells
$ 210 Utility Flat Bench 2.0
  • Standard 18"

Strength Phase 2: Barbell and Rack

For those looking for additional loading options, or maybe you already have this set up and just need to add the landmine.


$ 1199
add 160lb weight set
  • Rack
  • Barbell
  • Bench
  • 160lbs


Required for Barbell
$ 129
  • Weighted Base
  • Rotational Training
  • Unilateral Training
  • Dynamic Movements