Building better humans through science.

How Our Program Works

1: Test don't guess

Our program begins with a comprehensive movement screen (learn more) , utilizing state of the art technology, analyzing the factors affecting physical performance in any sport or activity.  

Screening Factors Include:

  •  Joint Mobility
  • Posture Control
  •  Core Strength
  • Athletic Strength & Power
  •  Motor Patterns
  • Sport Skills

Initial screening takes 90-120 minutes, the cost is $149, required for all new clients, and are booked by appointment only.

2: Build the plan

Each each person receives a personalized 12-week (24-36 training sessions) plan based on their goals, health history, screen results, age, and demands of their activity or sport(s).  These personalized plans ensure each athlete will see measurable changes that transfer to their life or sport.  12-weeks is considered a reasonable training cycle in strength and conditioning.  

All plans are created, stored, and tracked in our customized app with a database of over 500 exercises complete with video tutorials and automated progress tracking.


3: Work the plan

Training Classes

Our on-site semi private classes (learn more) serve as the most effective method for performance training.  We have created a unique training environment combing state of the art equipment, with data tracking technology, organized into individual training pods.  Each pod is complete with all equipment and space needed to execute the plan.  All class are under the supervision of 1-3 NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches.  Classes range from $25-35 per class with monthly packages ranging from $129-$329.

Mobile Training

We also provide mobile training plans (learn more) for those who cannot train at our facility.  Through our app we can produce 12-week plans suitable for any commerical fitness facility.  If access to equipment is limited, we can also produce customized plans tailored to fit any equipment situation.  Affordable equipment solutions for home gyms are also available.  Training plans come complete with video examples, data tracking, and communication tools to stay on track.  Our 12-week plans with app access are $129 and custom plans start at $199.

4: Track Progress

Once the training plan is completed, it is time to measure the success.  A second screening appointment is scheduled, lasting 45-60 minutes, the cost is $79, and is booked by appointment only.  At this time progress is measured and the athlete makes a choice to continue with performance enhancement, or transition to maintenance plan.  

Get started on your plan today.