Building better humans through science.


Building The Plan

Our app based training plans include a database of over 500 exercises complete with video tutorials and automated progress tracking.

Each athlete gets a personalized 12 week plan based on their health history, screen results, biological age, goals, and demands of their sport(s).  These individualized plans ensure each athlete will see measurable change that transfers to their sport.

Training Classes

Our on-site semi private classes serve as the most effective method for sports performance training.  We have created a unique training environment combing state of the art equipment with data tracking technology organized into individual training stations.  These conditions allow for personalized training under the supervision of a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

Mobile Training

We also provide mobile programs for those who cannot train at our facility.  Through our app we can produce 12 week plans suitable for any commerical gym with dumbbells, barbells, and a cable system.  Plans come complete with video examples, data tracking, and communication tools to keep athletes on track to their goals.  We can also produce customized plans tailored to fit equipment in any facility.  

State of the Art Equipment

Data Tracking Technology